We Have To Start Calling Out Misogyny For What It Is - A Hate Crime

It is often said that we have the best equality legislation in the world.  But Fawcett’s Sex Discrimination Law Review has found that there are many gaps in our protections and much more that we should do to address the legal system’s failure to protect women.Consider sexual harassment - when the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke followed by Westminster there was a collective gasp of realisation – this was the #MeToo moment.  A recognition that it had happened to all of us but we had overwhelmingly put up with it, probably said nothing about it, tolerated behaviour and situations we shouldn’t have to tolerate.  That’s the way it was (and still is for many women). So it’s our fault right? Well, in practice sexual harassment at work, on the street or at school is both commonplace but also extremely difficult to challenge. TUC research has found that half of all women say they have been harassed at work but 80% said they would not report it to their line manager.  Street harassment is a daily occurrence for many women but few would consider reporting it to the police. Harassment online has reached epidemic proportions yet there is little that individual women...

8 Published By - UK Women on Huffingtonpost UK - 2018.01.23. 09:16
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