Fawcett Society Report: Violence Against Women Is ‘Endemic’

Violence against women and girls is “endemic” in the UK, a leading gender equality campaigner has warned as it calls for the legal system to be overhauled as it is “failing” women.A report by the Fawcett Society, the first of its kind, examined laws that risked being undermined by Brexit and workplace protections, and found: - Half of all women have experienced sexual harassment at work.- 64% of women of all ages have experienced unwanted sexual harassment in public places.- 1 in 5 women aged over 16 have experienced sexual assault.- In some sexual offences cases a victim’s sexual history evidence is being inappropriately used in court.- 38% of all men and 34% of all women said that if a woman goes out at night, wearing a short skirt, gets drunk and is the victim of a sexual assault she is totally or partly to blame.The organisation’s Sex Discrimination Law Review Panel, chaired by retired High Court Justice Dame Laura Cox, calls for a number of reforms to the legal system.They include strengthening the laws on sexual harassment at work to protect women from harassment by third parties, making ‘up-skirting’ an offence, and making any breach of a domestic abuse order...

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